PICKS OF THE WEEK - Feb. 19, 2020


  • GODKILLERS #1: Blending mythology, religion and horror, Los Angeles local Mark Sable’s new series is for anyone looking for a dark take on mercenaries and monsters. Drawing from historical texts like the Bible, Quran, Torah and others, we follow our guns for hire as they track down these supposed fairytale frights to see them for the true terror they are. And when these literal demons start plaguing the populace that’s when the Godkillers are called in. Maan House’s art packs a punch with a Junji Ito inspiration that will make your skin crawl. If Resident evil meets the old guard sounds like a match made in heaven, then pick-up Godkillers to fast track on the highway to hell.


  • MARVEL’S VOICES #1: This compilation of comics’ best, brightest and even brand-new creators will wet your palette with a wide variety of heroes and hi-jinks from all across the Marvel Universe. This project stems from the Podcast “Marvel’s Voices” and gives a spot light to creators of color blending heroics, humor and heart in a variety of ways. From a globe-trotting tech race, to Wolverine’s first brush with Death, this issue will take you on a journey. With each story being vastly different than the one that comes before it, there is something for everyone in this incredible issue of what sets Marvel apart from the rest. Be sure to nab this if you want a taste of everything Marvel has to offer and then check out the back log of episodes Marvel’s Voices to delve deeper into what makes these creators tick.


  • LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #4: Ever since the rumblings of rumors for their return, this is the issue that finally answers all the burning retcon questions of how this modern interpretation of the Legion of Super-heroes was formed. Brian Michael Bendis delivers in three smaller tales of how the Legion’s founders, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic boy got the first invitations to form the super group. In each of the trio of tales, Bendis gives resonance to the founders’ voices that long time readers will find refreshing while fleshing out the characters for those who aren’t so familiar. Ryan Sook and Mikel Janin’s art blends well with the futuristic pastiche for the trio of heroes and their home worlds. If you’re curious and want to jump on board this cosmic comic cruiser than this is the perfect issue to blast off with.

February 19, 2020 — Golden Apple