PICKS OF THE WEEK - Mar. 25, 2020


  • GIANT- SIZE X-MEN: NIGHTCRAWLER: The next installment of the Giant-size one shots Bamfs into stores this week with a quick hit mission that sends Nightcrawler and some of the new mutants to see what is haunting the X-mansion now that all the mutants have migrated to their own nation. Hickman is sure to be planting some crazy Krakoan seeds with this issue and the reveal at the end with the status of the X-mansion feels like they’ll be some remodeling needed down the road. Alan Davis’s art has a Mark Bagley quality to it and works well when he gets to give some great glory shots of the mutants flexing their powers when the actions starts to heat up. If you’re keeping up with the X-titles this is one to pick up, and if you’re a fan of Kurt Wagner or Magik then grab this off the stands because you won’t want to miss it.


  • FAR SECTOR #5: Dc’s Newest Green Lantern Sojourner Mullein may be the best and brightest of the Corps with this standout issue from N.K. Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell. This issue delves deep in to the origins of far flung space cop and the struggles she’s had to endure to get to where she is slinging the power ring. Jemisin’s writing is current and nuanced, and gives you some weighty backbone to the story and character of Jo; while Campbell’s art is stunning and crisp, flowing from past to present, earth and afar with great detail. If you haven’t already, try to track down earlier issues to get involved in this great GL story, but if you want more information as to what makes this new lantern tick pick up this issue to have many of your questions finally answered.


  • HELLIONS #1: Out of the whole new slew of X books that have come out since House and Powers concluded, this is the edgy dark title that may even make X-Force blush. ‘Hellions’ takes some the more on edgy mutants and tries to rehabilitate them….by giving in to their craven desires. The concept may seem a bit out of left field and is darker and more dangerous than you might expect but, then again, if it is a team being led by Mr. Sinister than you know you’re not going to be on the road to Oz. Zeb Wells is asking some big questions here which should pique any fan’s interest that wants to delve into the more harsher psychological issues the mutants need to address if they are going to build and maintain a utopia. Stephen Segovia’s art is super solid and David Curiel’s coloring plays well with contrast that is stripped from a sunset. And the reveal at the end will have eagerly waiting to see how deep into hell they’re willing to…maybe even literally.

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