PICKS OF THE WEEK - May 20, 2020


  • YEAR ZERO #1: If the ending of ‘The Walking Dead’ left a big-ass zombie chomp in your heart, then strap in buddy boy, because this is a comic to quell your insatiable hunger for brains. This new series from Benjamin Percy is off to a stellar start as he weaves multiple characters, plot lines, and locations as a zombie plague begins to strangle societies. Percy sets up conflicts that range from all sorts of personalities, faiths, and alignments as the world begins its descent into chaos and horror. Artist Ramon Rosanas, does a great job with the layouts leading your eye to move with the story in such a way that it almost tricks you into seeing that the carnage has barely begun and that there is a lot more coming. If survival horror is your speed than this right here is the blue-ribbon winner at the county fair, and who knew something this dark would be so delectable.


  • LUDOCRATS #1: Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossingnol have amped up their absurdity with this new #1 from Image Comics. To put this strange story into a simple syntax, this comic is pretty much the super smash bros. of psychotic scientists. On the wedding day of two Ludocrats (Ludacris Aristocrats…get it.) all hell breaks loose in a hi-fi frenzy of preposterous proportions. These creators are going all the way, spilling every ounce of silliness they have onto the page while adding Jeff Stokely’s art, which compounds the craziness, making the book look like Loony Toons on steroids. If the likes of Bugs and daffy with no inhibitions tickles your fancy than grab this book as soon as you can.


  • STAR WARS ADVENTURES - CLONE WARS #1: The critically acclaimed show may have ended (again.) but, the adventures of Anakin, Obi-Wan, Rex and all the others are still going strong in this new series of Marvel and IDW. And don’t let the kid format fool you, this is pure Star Wars, plain and simple. The Issue plays out like an episode with a lot of action and movement. All the artists on this book make it seem like it was pulled from screen to page with the more animated features that resemble the show. And Michael Moreci’s writing is fun, fast and full of promise. This story doesn’t talk down to its audience, which really means it has a achieved a feat so few obtain. When it says it is for all ages, it means it. This is a series that will delight and deliver to any fan of Star Wars because if you do end up judging this book by its cover than you know you’re in for a heck of ride.

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