PICKS OF THE WEEK - June 10, 2020


  • JOKER 80th ANNIVERSARY: The Clown Prince of Crime turns 80 and DC threw him a birthday bash that would make even the batman blush. They’ve once again brought together their best and brightest to give little vignettes about how the dark knight’s arch nemesis is still at the top of his game and won’t be scrubbed from the public consciousness anytime soon. The best part about this book, like the harlequin of hate himself, is the it’s mercurial quality. Each story darts in a very different direction than the last and, like all the best Joker stories, he always keeps you guessing what he’s going to do next. This book is flush with frenzy and holds all the cards because it is fiendishly funny, gleefully grotesque and terrifyingly touching when you’re in on the joke with Mr. J.


  • ADVENTUREMAN #1: This new series from Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson blasts off to some crazy new heights with this high-flying series from Image. If you’re a fan of The Rocketeer, Indiana Jones and any other sort of noir-ish adventure story, then grab this immediately. This oversized first issue introduces us to Adventureman and his society of superheroes as they take on a full blitz to the populace in 1930s New York. The story than reframes to the present and introduces us to Claire Connell, a deaf book keeper with a big family and few secrets that’s about to find out what she thought was fiction may very well be formidable and fearsome fact. Fraction and Dodson are comic vets with many titles and works under their belt, so to see them just plain enjoy themselves telling a sort of neo-classic adventure tale is really refreshing. Fraction, though always humorous in some regard when he writes, restrains himself here and really blends his voice into this new world that you almost forget he’s writing it because he really lets the world and characters speak for themselves. Be sure to add this one to your pull.


  • BATMAN – THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES #1: The Bat is back with the comic book you always wanted but never thought DC would deliver. The story takes place in the universe of the animated series from way back in the 90s and happens right before the Justice League cartoon starts. This series has Batman come toe to toe with his famous foes that never made it into the animated universe. This story starts everything off with a mystery into some new robots built by Lex Luthor that Batman must investigate. Paul Dini and Alan Burnett deliver what feels like another episode of the show and will have you smiling with glee at the twists and turn this self-contained story takes. And the last few panels, if you’re a big Batman fan, will have jumping for joy over the long game they are starting to play. Ty Templeton on art side of things really leans into the animated style that brings back fond memories with a good template to spring off from. For any fans of the dark knight or the tv show, this is a must buy on day one, you won’t regret it.

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