PICKS OF THE WEEK - July 1, 2020


  • FIRE POWER TP & #1: Kirkman is back with this dynamite new book, accompanied by the legendary Chris Samnee on art and colors by master Matt Wilson. This tremendous Trio show there is a lot of promise to come with this series and they have barely begun to turn up the heat. The story seems almost generic enough to be an Iron Fist rip off, but it strives to be much more than that. It’s as if Danny Rand gallivanted for a while then hung up the mask to be a dad. But what happens after? That’s where Kirkman shines in bringing some humanity to a story you’ve probably heard of before. And to give you the issue for free with a full trade to blast you off, this is comics done right and at its best and  simply, it's a joy.


  • NEGAN LIVES #1: And even more Kirkman in these dreary times! Negan Lives is the story of The Walking Dead you always, kinda, sorta wanted but never knew how Kirkman would deliver but, going back and telling what is the other half of the coin; Negan’s tails to Rick’s heads, is a great place to start. Negan seems somewhat changed and uncertain of where he is to go since he was left behind, and we see another shade of him, vulnerability. Yet, that’s dashed away as his roots are always being pulled out from under him. Whether he actually deserves it or not, this anti-hero seems to be on a road to some sort of twisted redemption, but in typical Negan fashion, it ain’t gonna be pretty but, like every sort of disaster; you won’t be able to turn away.


  • THE GODDAMNED: THE VIRGIN BRIDES #1: This is another harsh one to get down, but Jason Aaron is a master story teller blending religion, rancor, myth and morals into a dark and twisted take on the book of Genesis. R.M. Guéra’s pencils are brutally beautiful and the art really finds its footing with the contrasts and light of Giulia Brusco’s coloring. If you’re a fan of the first ‘The Goddamned’ then add this to your pull. The issue makes your stomach turn in ways you wish it hadn’t, but the uncomfortableness it makes you feel adds a cloud of tension and urgency to get our story and characters in motion. Stakes are high and dire though your face is cringing you can’t help but keep turning the page to see what happens next.


July 01, 2020 — Golden Apple