SHAM #3 (MR) (07/31/2019) SOURCE POINT


SHAM #3 (MR)
(W) Fuller, Tim (A) Various,
StockID: 114989 Diamond#: MAY191913

Golden Age 'Classics' Get Riffed! In this issue: Bozo the Robot tangles with his arch-enemy- Lex Lupus- as PETA releases the dreaded 'Owl Flu' on an unsuspecting populace! Shunned by real women- Dr. Amos Hideouso creates a beautiful bionic companion- in 'The Girl of My Screams!' 'Skunky' McGee- the private eye with deplorable personal hygiene- is hired by a wealthy woman to protect her from her possibly murderous husband- in 'The Case of the Lethal Sleepover!' Conan the Aryan Barbarian goose-steps across the ancient world in search of wine- women- and treasure (but mostly women)! And more!

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