DARK KNIGHT RETURNS THE GOLDEN CHILD #1 Rafael Grampa Frank Miller (12/11/2019) DC


(W) Miller, Frank (A) Grampß, Rafael (C) Grampß, Rafael
StockID: 129808 Diamond#: OCT190471

Frank Miller returns to the Dark Knight Universe! It's been three years since the events of Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Lara has spent the time learning to be more human- and Carrie Kelley has been growing into her new role as Batwoman. But a terrifying evil has returned to Gotham City- and Lara and Carrie must team up to stop this growing threat-and they have a secret weapon. Young Jonathan Kent- 'the golden child-' has a power inside of him unlike anything the world has ever seen- and it's about to be unleashed... Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child is Frank Miller's triumphant return to the world of the Dark Knight and joining him is the superstar artist Rafael Grampá- the mastermind behind the groundbreaking Mesmo Delivery. Following work in advertising and film- this incredible collaboration marks Grampá's first comics work in six years- bringing his extraordinary detail and storytelling to the Dark Knight saga- resulting in a Dark Knight story like nothing you've ever seen before.

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