YEAR OF THE VILLAIN HELL ARISEN #4 A (OF 4) Steve Epting James Tynion IV (03/18/2020) DC


(W) TynionIV, James (A) Epting, Steve (C) Epting, Steve
StockID: 139194 Diamond#: JAN200518

This is it! Lex Luthor has gathered a strike force of villains he's leveled up to be the baddest bad guys around-Captain Cold- Oracle- Solomon Grundy- Black Manta- and Lobo- each and every one a recipient of one of Lex's dark gifts. But the Batman Who Laughs has his own army of infected heroes. Six hundred sixty-six of them- all transformed into their worst selves. It's a final showdown between two of DC's most iconic villains- all to curry the favor of Perpetua. Whoever wins will take over the Multiverse alongside her. Does Lex ascend- or does he get laid low? Does the Batman Who Laughs finally remake the DC Universe in his own image? Either way- life for our heroes will never be the same.

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