MUHAMMAD NAJEM WAR REPORTER GN (C: 0-1-1) (09/28/2022)


(W) Najem, Muhammad (A) Robine, Julie
StockID: 51592 SKU: JUL221737

Muhammad Najem was only eight years old when the war in Syria began. He was thirteen when his beloved Baba- his father- was killed in a bombing while praying. By fifteen- Muhammad didn't want to hide anymore-he wanted to act. He was determined to reveal what families like his were enduring in Syria: bombings by their own government and days hiding in dark underground shelters. Armed with the camera on his phone and the support of his family- he started reporting on the war using social media. He interviewed other kids like him to show what they hope for and dream about. More than anything- he did it to show that Syrian kids like his toddler brother and infant sister- are just like kids in any other country. Despite unimaginable loss- Muhammad was always determined to document the humanity of the Syrian people.

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