COOKIE & BROCCOLI GN VOL 03 BOOK OF SECRETS (C: 0-1-1) (11/16/2022)


(W) McMahon, Bob (A) McMahon, Bob
StockID: 58277 SKU: SEP221525

Shh...Cookie and Broccoli's lips are sealed! That is- until the whole school happens upon Broccoli's hiding spot and overhears his super-secret nickname-and are much more encouraging than he expected. Then- Talking Rock gives the duo a cryptic clue to solving Broccoli's boredom-the solution is the opposite of boredom. Well- the opposite of boredom is the Funnest Thing Ever- right? Cookie and Broccoli try a silly screaming contest- a bubble-blowing party- and a real-life food pyramid- but the true Funnest Thing Ever might have been in front of them all along!

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