STRANGE SKIES OVER EAST BERLIN #1 Evan Cagle Jeff Loveness (10/02/2019) Boom


(W) Loveness, Jeff (A) Estherren, Lisandro (C) Cagle, Evan
StockID: 124166 Diamond#: AUG191364

MANKIND MADE IT TO SPACE. AND NOW SPACE HAS FOLLOWED THEM BACK. * Herring is a disillusioned American spy stationed on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall- struggling with his role in a Cold War that seems to have no end. But when he's sent on a mission behind enemy lines to infiltrate East German intelligence- he soon learns the Soviets have a secret weapon that could change the tides of the conflict: an alien monster that they don't understand- and can't control. * The Soviets are about to learn that they�'re not in charge of the monster it's already in their minds and has twisted them to their will. Now now Herring must find a way to understand the impossible before it transforms him into a monster unlike any other. �* Writer Jeff Loveness ( Judas ) and Lisandro Estherren ( Redneck ) team up for a story in the spirit of Cold War classics- for fans of period piece science fiction as well as alien action such as Barrier.

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