Batter Royle Hc Gn (C: 0-1-0) (06/08/2022) Amulet


(W) Adams, Leisl (A) Adams, Leisl (C) Adams, Leisl
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In this fun graphic novel- a talented young chef is selected to participate in a baking reality show and finds herself mixed up in spicy competition- bitter rivalry- and sweet romance In Leisl Adams's debut graphic novel- Batter Royale- an aspiring amateur baker enters the toughest- ugliest- most fearsome fight she'll ever experience: a baking reality show. When seventeen-year-old small-town waitress Rose impresses a famous food critic- she and her best friend- Fred- find themselves thrust into the tough world of competitive baking. The contest is an intense ten days of bizarre challenges- and the competition is cutthroat. Some competitors are willing to lie- cheat- and sabotage their way to the top. Rose may be in over her head- but she is determined to show that she can become a top chef. Batter Royale is a fish-out-of-water style romantic comedy about climbing out of the circumstances you're in and making your dreams come true.

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