GIRL I LIKE FORGOT HER GLASSES GN VOL 01 (C: 0-1-1) (12/14/2022)


(W) Fujichika, Koume (A) Fujichika, Koume (C) Fujichika, Koume
StockID: 48939 SKU: JUN222342

With the new school year comes a new homeroom- new classmates- and a new desk for the timid Komura. But any trepidation he might've felt quickly dissipates when he catches sight of Mie- his new seat neighbor. Apt to quietly blurt out the most random things- the quirky Mie wears thick glasses that accentuate her lovely eyes- making Komura's heart skip a beat! Unfortunately- Mie is pathologically forgetful and can never seem to remember to bring her glasses to class. It's not all bad- though! Her resulting squinty- mean-girl face sends Komura's heart into overdrive too! While Komura is keen to help out and share his textbooks with Mie- will his heart give out from the almost daily strain of being up close and personal with his crush?

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