ELUSIVE SAMURAI GN VOL 02 (C: 0-1-2) (09/07/2022)


(W) Matsui, Yusei (A) Matsui, Yusei
StockID: 52000 SKU: JUL222154

Now in hiding in Suwa under the protection of Yorishige- Tokiyuki takes on a cover identity-Chojumaru- an apprentice of Suwa Grand Shrine. When Ogasawara Sadamune- the governor of Shinano and vassal of Takauji the usurper- shows up to attend a sporting event at the shrine- he's not just looking to win-if Sadamune finds any Hojo refugees- he'll have free rein to take over Suwa completely! Thinking the best way to hide Tokiyuki is in plain sight- Yorishige sends him onto the field to take on Sadamune… For teen audiences.

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