STAR WARS OLD REPUBLIC SC REVAN (C: 0-1-1) (11/02/2022)


(W) Karpyshyn, Drew (A) Na (C) Na
StockID: 58616 SKU: SEP221927

Experience the tragic epic of the 'Prodigal Knight'-a master of both the dark and the light sides of the force-Revan. There's something out there: a juggernaut of evil bearing down to crush the Republic-unless one lone Jedi- shunned and reviled- can stop it. Revan- a jedi both revered and reviled- has carved out a peaceful life with Bastila Shan- his wife- on Coruscant. But his past life- memories long lost- continue to plague his dreams. And the former Sith lord fears they are harbingers of a danger on the verge of reemergence. To head off this threat before it can come to pass and destroy everything he and Bastila fought for- Revan must pursue the echoes of his past. Although his adversary remains shrouded in mystery- Revan vows to preserve the Republic- and to protect his family until his last breath.

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