SUPERGIRL #25 B DC Amanda Conner Variant Marc Andreyko (12/12/2018)


(W) Andreyko, Marc (A) Lupacchino, Emanuela (C) Conner, Amanda
StockID: 91822 Diamond#: OCT180540

It's a super-sized issue of SUPERGIRL! Supergirl and Krypto go back to the 'scene of the crime'-the ruins of Krypton! With Z'ndr hitchhiking- Supergirl is not only there to find clues on who the killers of Krypton are- but to pay her respects to her dead family and friends for the first time since she left the planet. But a mysterious caretaker whose duty is to protect Krypton's remnants at all costs attacks and won't let Kara through! As if that weren't enough- the Kryptonian powerhouse and her super-powered pooch are stricken with radiation poisoning from the dead planet and must also fight their inner demons! This anniversary issue also includes two backup stories! First- witness the thoughts and fears of Krypto as he is affected by the radiation poisoning from the wreckage of Krypton. Then- learn more about our new hitchhiker- Z'ndr Khol- as he scavenges a booby-trapped ruin in a remote corner of the galaxy in an off-the- wall space adventure!

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