SAVANTS #1 (OF 5) Source Point Press (01/30/2019)


(W) Reed, Gary (A) Damoose, Seth
StockID: 96302 Diamond#: NOV181970

This Savants mini-series is the last thing that Gary Reed- the founder of Caliber Comics and the Godfather of indie comics- wrote before his sudden death in 2016. Teenager Amy Berg is taken from her guardian and forced by the government to attend the Center for Intuitive Studies for her education. A rebellious outcast- she knows that life is going to get worse than she could even imagine. Amy- like the others there- seems to have special abilities and the CIS wants to train the students in order to help society. Well- at least that's what the brochures say…

This is a PRESALE. Release date stated in title. Final art may vary and will have trade dress (logos) unless stated in title that it will be a virgin cover.