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SUICIDE SQUAD BLACK FILES #4 (OF 6) DC Will Contrad Harley Quinn (02/06/2019)

  • $4.99

(W) Barr, Mike W. (A) Briones, Philippe (C) Conrad, Will
StockID: 97938 Diamond#: DEC180593

In part four of 'Revenge of Kobra-' Katana finally escapes the deadly dimension of the Soultaker- only to find herself trapped in the body of Lady Eve! Now she must save Halo and the Suicide Squad from King Kobra and his wife- the impostor Katana--even though the Squad and Halo see her as a mortal enemy! Also in this issue- the heist on Gemworld got the entire Suicide Squad Black team killed. With her new squad dead- Amanda Waller is out of magic bullets. Things go from bad to worse when Waller sends the regular Suicide Squad to catch Sebastian Faust. Can their technology possibly stand a chance against a foe whom magic couldn't defeat? RATED T+

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