Amazon 3 Dark Horse 2009 NM Tim Sale


(W/A) Tim Sale, Steven T. Seagle (CA) Tim Sale
THE AMAZON #3 (of 3)

Steven T. Seagle (W), Tim Sale (A), and Matt Hollingsworth (C)

On sale May 13
FC, 32 pages

Reeling from his experiences in the Amazon jungle, reporter Malcolm Hillard is close to solving the mysteries of a missing American and sabotage at a timber company. What he still can't be sure of is whether the man he saw in the jungle is really the Spirit of the Amazon. But before he can get answers, chaos erupts as "The Amazon" carries out a final attack on the encroaching forces of industry, and the full wrath of Mother Nature is unleashed.

o A newly recolored edition of a long-out-of-print series by two of comics' sharpest talents.

o Featuring more behind-the-scenes extras.

o Brand new cover by Tim Sale with Dave Stewart.