Black Panther 1 Marvel 2018 Mike Deodato Variant Trade Sketch Set Venom

  • $12.95

Black Panther 1 Marvel 2018 Mike Deodato Variant Trade Sketch Set Venom

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Trade Dress (logos) LTD  3000

Virgin LTD 1000


Trade Dress $12.95

Trade Dress + Virgin Set of 2 $45

CGC 9.8 Options

Trade Dress $55

Virgin $125 ( in stock, ships now )

(W) Ta-Nehisi Coates
A bold new direction for the Black Panther! For years, T'Challa has fought off invaders from his homeland, protecting Wakanda from everything from meddling governments to long-lost gods. Now, he will discover that Wakanda is much bigger than he ever dreamed...
Across the vast Multiverse lies an empire founded in T'Challa's name. Readers caught a glimpse of it in MARVEL LEGACY #1. Now find out the truth behind the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda!
Ta-Nehisi Coates welcomes aboard fan-favorite artist Daniel Acuña for a Black Panther story unlike any other!
Rated T

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