Tales Of Asunda #1 Niobe & The Stranger First Kill Jae Lee Virgin Variant (07/13/2022)


Exclusive Jae Lee Variant for Niobe & The Stranger #1 from Golden Apple Comics.

TALES OF ASUNDA #1: Niobe & the Stranger in “First Kill” Niobe looks upon the aftermath of a gruesome battle. The last of her enemies have surrendered. But these knights murdered her tribes in the name of righteous war and worship. As they await Niobe’s execution, one asks her when killing became so easy. So she is transported back to her youth and her time with the Stranger, a killer who made a deal with the devil, yet was on a path to redemption. If he could change, could the rest of the world? This story is about the fading of youthful innocence into the gray areas of hard choices. When Niobe would take that first kill.